Digital signage software for Windows: Easy to Use FREE Digital Signage Software for Billboards and Posters

How to set up digital signage screens on a Windows media player

A super-quick setup guide


how to set up a raspberry pi for digital signage screens

Here's what you will need:

A HDTV Monitor/Any TV

(with HDMI input)

Any Windows media player

Internet Connection

To upload and update content

This super quick setup guide assumes you have already connected the Windows device to your monitor and you are using your Windows player and no other external device.

Step 1: Download the Windows file.

Click here to download it.

Step 2: Install

Using your mouse, double click on the PosterBooking.exe file and click install.

Step 3: Open App

Thats it! As easy as that! You can open the app up and start entering your screencode.

You have now installed the PosterBooking image onto your windows device.

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