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The most cost efficient way to rollout remote TV management. I have Posterbooking at almost 50 locations. They have rarely caused me any problems.

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The system is really simple and easy to use. I'm not too good with computers but I managed to get my signage screens live within minutes. Thank you.

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Super-quick Raspberry Pi Digital Signage Setup

Step 1

You need a TV or any digital screen, no need for it to be a smart TV.

It can be a consumer or commercial TV.
Any TV will do. Plug in your Raspberry Pi to your TV.

Free digital signage software

Step 2

Install Raspberry OS onto the device.

Download the Raspberry Pi image using a browser and save it on the Raspberry Pi Desktop.

Free Firestick Digital Signage App for Lite and 4K - Free Android Signage App

Step 3

Open the Terminal app and type cd Desktop. Press Enter.

Next type: sudo dpkg -i PosterBooking.deb

Click on the Raspberry Pi Main Menu, scroll to accessories and open the PosterBooking app

And you’re done!

PosterBooking Free Raspberry Digital Signage Player. Our Software lets you turn your TV into Display Signage for FREE.

free digital signage software for restaurant menus using amazon and firestick
Our Raspberry Pi Software lets you control your digital signage content from anywhere in the world.

You can manage how adverts appear on your digital signage screens. Whether it's on one screen or a whole network, you can schedule your content, and get reports on your ads that are being displayed.


Raspberry Pi signage LIVE in less than 2 minutes


to sign up


to add a screen


to add content and go live!

Raspberry Pi digital signage software made simple.

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Upload content directly
from the dashboard

Why choose PosterBooking?

First 10 screens free

Your first ten screens are free, if you need more, you simply pay for the additional screens that you use.

Ten free digital signage screens using amazon firestick, posterbooking is a free digital signage platform

Real-time updates

You can deploy your screens within a few minutes, change and update your content in real-time.

 get real time updates to your digital signage screens with posterbooking and amazon firestick 4k


Upload your own logo in the dashboard and voila, you have your own digital signage brand! Now you can show your clients that you have your own CMS platform!

join our free whitelabel platform and start your own digital signage brand using amazon firesticks

Easy to use

We've made it super-simple and easy to set up a screen. You can go live in three super-simple steps. Add a screen, create a playlist and then upload content!

easy to use and deploy digital signage screens using android and amazon firesticks

Manage your screens remotely

With PosterBooking you can upload and manage your content without having to visit your screen locations, saving you time and money.

remotely manage and upload content software for you digital signage screens using android and amazon firesticks

Schedule content and create playlists

Schedule your content to stay ahead of the game. You can control the date and time of when your content should appear, making it easy for you to manage what your customers see.

schedule your content and create playlist for your digiral signage screens using amazon firestick 4K and firestick lite or android

Auto-start on boot

When displaying content using the app, the app will auto start after you turn your screen on

digital signage app that auto starts when you turn the tv on

Cost effective

Price always matters, that's why our packages are designed to be more cost effective every time you add another screen!

the most cost effective and valuable screen network for your sigital signage platform using amazon firestick

Synchronised screens

Want your content to be displayed over a couple of screens? No problem! You can sync your screens at the click of a button.

synchronise your digital signage screens with posterbooking, simple plug in in amazon firestick and you are ready to go

Upload photos and videos

Make your screens engaging with dynamic and captivating content.

Upload images and videos for your digitial signage screens with posterbooking and amazon firestick 4k and amazon firestick lite

Simple scalability

We've made it really easy to grow your screen network with PosterBooking, we've taken everything into consideration from pricing, hardware and ease of use, to branding the platform for yourself.

PosterBooking is scalable and can help your digital signage business grow - create free signage screens using amazon firesticks

Free online support

Our experts are always online to help you with your needs.

Free online support to help you get your digital signage network up and running. All you need is an Amazon Firestick 4K or Amazon Firestick Lite and PosterbBoking

Still not sure?

We know how painful it can be to find the right solution, and sometimes it's either too costly or the free trial doesn't last long enough to make a decision. That's why with PosterBooking your first 10 screens are completely free


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